Women’s knitwear in Patras

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Women’s knitwear is an important part of our winter collection for winter 2020-21 and you will find it in great variety at Primadonna.

This year is very special because of covid-19, and the continuous and repeated lockdowns do not allow us to find our rhythm and make the appearances that we would normally make.

However, no matter how unpleasant all that we live, the time is approaching for this torment to end and for us to return to our daily habits as before.

Against these difficult conditions, Primadonna managed to present you its winter collection of women’s clothing and an integral part of this collection are women’s knitwear.

Women’s knitwear for casual looks

Knitwear is suitable for our daily appearances and this whole situation favors them since we can not make formal appearances.

Casual clothes at this time have their place of honor and are in the first place of our winter wardrobe as easier and more suitable for our fast and necessary movements.

We present you the 3 main categories of women’s knitwear that you will find in our online store.

Knitted jackets

womens-knitwear-in-patras primadonna.com.gr/en/

Women’s knitted cardigan with buttons on the sleeves and with pockets. It is monochrome and in many shades.

Women’s sweaters

womens-knitwear-in-patras primadonna.com.gr/en/

Women’s knitted sweater with long sleeves. It has decorative buttons on the sleeves and is perfect.

Knitted dresses

womens-knitwear-in-patras primadonna.com.gr/en/

Knitted dress with gold buttons on the shoulders and long sleeves. It has a perfect fit and will charm you.

You got a taste of our winter collection of women’s knitwear, you can see our entire collection in our online store primadonna.com.gr.

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