Welcome to the website of and its terms of use. Kindly please read the following very carefully before making any purchase using the e-shop of this page. The company and its online store are committed to make your service more and more convenient and offer ever better product quality. Primadonna has every right to modify the terms of use always in accordance with the laws and conditions that change as regards online trade. Please check regularly for such changes.

Privacy policy

When you visit the website of to order products, and also to ensure that we can contact you in order to inform you on our new products, you MAY be asked to enter your details (name, surname, email address, shipping address, credit card information, etc.). These data are processed by the company in compliance with Article 7 A par. 1(b)L. 2472/1997 in order to execute the order submitted by the client and will not be disclosed, published or sold to third parties in any way, unless the procedure provided in the legislation in force (L.2225/1994) on lifting confidentiality or any obligations arising from the national implementation of directive 24/2006 is initiated. The e-shop of operates in compliance with Greek and EU legislation in force and safeguards your personal data for as long as you are registered with a service of and will be deleted as soon as this trading relationship ends in any way.

Payment Methods

Alternative payment methods available at Primadonna for e-shop purchases are as follows:

  1. Cash on delivery: The order is paid right upon receipt. For Greece shipping is free. For Cyprus and other countries, please read the charges under Product Delivery.
  2. By credit or debit card: Card charging is processed through Alpha e-Commerce services. The service supports credit card payment or payment by e-wallet . When paying with card all debit, credit and prepaid cards are accepted:
    American Express – Visa – MasterCard – Maestro – Diners Club
    When paying by e-wallet provided, you have the option to accept the new innovative MasterPass payment service.
    MasterPass accepts all payment cards (American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club)
  3. Paypal
  4. By bank transfer to the following accounts.
    National Bank: IBAN GR3101102250000022540442666 (22540442666)
    Piraeus Bank: IBAN GR7501725040005504062526587 (5504-062526-587)
    Alpha Bank: IBAN GRGR3101405300530002101508801 (530-002101-508801)


Deliveries of products


All of our products are delivered within Greece by Geniki Tachidromiki postal service totally free of charge and within 2-3 working days depending on the location. Throughout all stages of your order, from submission to completion, you will be receiving the respective emails for your information. You can also be informed about the progress of your order by entering the order tracking section.


For deliveries in Cyprus charges are as follows:

  1. For purchases over 100 Euro shipping costs are free.
  2. For purchases below 100 Euro shipping cost is 15 Euro for single shipment (4-6 days)


For product deliveries outside Greece and Cyprus charges are as follows:

  1. For deliveries of purchases exceeding 150 Euro shipping costs are free.
  2. For deliveries of purchases below 150 Euro charges for shipping costs are as follows:
    A) For standard delivery (6-7 days): 32 Euro.
    B) For fast shipping (2-3 days); 40 Euro

Product Returns

Products can be returned within 10 days from the day you received them. To process the return, we require the product in excellent condition with its tags attached and the receipt of the order.

Return at primadonna store:

You can make your return at the Primadonna store bring the product and the purchase receipt with you. This also applies to purchases from the online store.

Return to the e-shop:

You can return your product to the e-shop, if you made your purchase from the e-shop. You must follow the steps bellow:

  1. Fill out the return form that you find in the original package or click here & state the reason why you wish to return.
  2. Place the purchase receipt and return form in your package.

Return the product well packaged to avoid any damage during transport to the address below.

PC: 26221 117 Riga Fereou Str. Patra
Tel.: 2610 314770


You can have a refund for purchases from the e-shop.

You must follow the steps bellow:

  1. Fill out the return form that you find in the original package or by click here & select REFUND.
  2. Place the purchase receipt and return form in your package.
  3. Return the product well packaged to avoid any damage during transport to the address below.

Attention: If you disregard any of the above instructions, the return will not be accepted by our company.

For reasons of hygiene Primadonna does not accept returns for leggings, bodysuits and earrings. For returns within Greece, shipping costs are free. For returns from abroad due to fault of the company, Primadonna undertakes to cover the shipping costs.


The customer may withdraw from the purchase within 10 days from the dispatch of the product and return it to the company at his own expense. The company is entitled to accept the returned product ONLY if packaging is intact and it is accompanied by the receipt of payment. You should also fill out and sent to the “return form” that you can find here. Money is refunded within 10 working days of receipt of the product. Return costs are free, only for Greece, and only if returned via Geniki Tachydromiki. For foreign countries shipping costs shall be borne by the buyer.
Returns can be in the form of issuing a credit note or refund.

Other information

You have every right to return the entire order or part thereof, without necessarily providing any specific reason. If the reason for your return is due to fault of the company, Primadonna is committed to cover the shipping cost and have a courier service sent, after consulting with you, to the initial delivery address. Your returned item is delivered to us within 2-3 business days by Geniki Tachydromiki and within 5-6 working days if dispatched by UPS. For any other courier service of your choice we shall not be held liable for delivery times. After your return has been received and cleared, the company will send you an update email within 6-7 days to inform you on how to resolve your issue.

When replacing products and the company cannot offer you any alternative, you should return the product and place a new order at new with the products your prefer!

Your refund request depending on the way your order was placed will be processed within 10 days. You have the option of either a refund in a bank account or credit of the product value returned to be used for your next purchase.

For reasons of hygiene Primadonna does not accept returns for leggings, bodysuits, and earrings.

Transaction security

The website uses SSL certification to ensure the security of data transferred. The SSL protocol decrypts data exchanged between two devices by establishing a secure connection between them via the Internet.


If due to any external and uncertain factors, primadonna fails to deliver your order at the predetermined time, we will contact you by mail in order for you to let us know how you wish to proceed after the product delay. Primadonna assumes no responsibility for any situation that may arise beyond its own fault.

The Primadonna has every right to amend these terms and the obligation to update this text with the latest changes.