When you visit the website of www.primadonna.com.gr to order products, and also to ensure that we can contact you in order to inform you on our new products, you MAY be asked to enter your details (name, surname, email address, shipping address, credit card information, etc.).

These data are processed by the company in compliance with Article 7 A par. 1(b)L. 2472/1997 in order to execute the order submitted by the client and will not be disclosed, published or sold to third parties in any way, unless the procedure provided in the legislation in force (L.2225/1994) on lifting confidentiality or any obligations arising from the national implementation of directive 24/2006 is initiated.

The e-shop of www.primadonna.com.gr operates in compliance with Greek and EU legislation in force and safeguards your personal data for as long as you are registered with a service of www.primadonna.com.gr and will be deleted as soon as this trading relationship ends in any way