Product order and consumer protection

Orders via e-shop are governed by law 2251/1994, as appropriately modified.

The ordering process takes place by filling out a special form, after having first accepted the contract terms.

Methods of payment

Alternative payment methods available at Primadonna for e-shop purchases are as follows:

  1. Cash on delivery: The order is paid right upon receipt. For Greece shipping is free. For Cyprus and other countries, please read the charges under Product Delivery.
  2. By credit or debit card: Card charging is processed through Alpha e-Commerce services. The service supports credit card payment or payment by e-wallet .
    When paying with card all debit, credit and prepaid cards are accepted: American Express – Visa – MasterCard – Maestro – Diners Club
    When paying by e-wallet provided, you have the option to accept the new innovative MasterPass payment service.
    MasterPass accepts all payment cards (American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club)

    Payments by credit or debit card are available soon.

  3. Paypal
  4. By bank transfer to the following accounts.
    A)National Bank: IBAN GR3101102250000022540442666 (22540442666)
    B) Piraeus Bank: IBAN GR7501725040005504062526587 (5504-062526-587)
    C) Alpha Bank: IBAN GRGR3101405300530002101508801 (530-002101-508801)

Special transaction safety rules:

Only up to five (five) transactions with the same card are permitted per month.

Max. € 300 per transaction.