Metallic dresses: The trend continues

Metallic dresses: The trend continues

Women’s fashion in recent years and for the Autumn-Winter season shows a greater futuristic mood, resulting in the metallic dresses and consequently the women’s metal clothes and accessories being the absolute trend items.

The trend in fashion continues

Clothes and shoes in metallic colors dominated the international catwalks, and famous fashionistas choose them in their international appearances. Metallic dresses, sweatshirts and other clothes in shades of silver, gold, bronze give our style a glossy look and a sense of luxury while we can find them at very affordable prices.

The metallic shades have flooded the area of ​​women’s fashion and beauty with women’s clothing – shoesaccessories as well as make-up and manicure products.

Metallic dresses: The trend continues

He also adopted metal outfits

For you who are a bit hesitant dare to adopt metal outfits both in your everyday life and in your most formal appearances and you will be justified.

The metallic dresses are in themselves statement pieces so what you have to do is to combine them with quieter rather than bold accessories.

Women’s clothes entirely with metallic shades or with metallic elements not only do not leave fashion, but are slowly being adopted dynamically in the summer collection of well-known designers.

Metallic dresses: The trend continues

Primadonna metallic dresses

We at Primadonna do not want to force you, just to show you the wonderful metallic dresses we have in our autumn collection for 2018, it’s up to you to judge whether they match you and express you.

And because women’s fashion has nothing to exclude especially when it’s stylish, fashionable and quality, it’s enough to try them before you block them from your wardrobe.

Our new autumn collection with metallic dresses can be found in our store in Patras and 117 Riga Feraiou Str. In our e-shop Primadonna.

Metallic dresses: The trend continues

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Metallic dresses: The trend continues


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