30 Machine wash at 30 degrees
40 Machine wash at 40 degrees
50 Machine wash at 50 degrees
60 Machine wash at 60 degrees
plyim1 Wool care
plysim2 Synthetic care
plysim3 Cotton care
plysim4 Handwash
plysim5 No washing
plysim6 Bleach as needed
plysim7 Do not bleach
stegn1 Be careful with the dryer
stegn2 Dryer low temperature
stegn3 Dryer high temperature
stegn4 No dryer is allowed
stegn5 Drying without ironing
stegn6 Drying on the hanger
stegn7 No spin
stegn8 No drying
sidero1 Ironing at low temperature
sidero2 Ironing at medium temperature
sidero3 Ironing at high temperature
sidero4 No ironing is allowed
Dry cleaning
kath1 Dry cleaning
kath2 Do not dry clean
kath3 Dry clean with solvents
kath4 Dry clean with R113 solvents
kath5 Dry with solvents for delicate garments